Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

Select Oak

Contains all the variations in coloration produced by the contrasting differences of heartwood and sapwood. Also included are minimal character marks, such as small knots, worm holes, and mineral streaks, as well as slightly open characters. The combination creates a floor where the light sapwood and dark heartwood are combined with small characters and other small color interruptions.

No. 1 Common Oak

A flooring product characterized by prominent color variation that also contains prominent characters (with size limits) such as knots, open checks, worm holes, along with machining and drying variations. No. 1 Common is a tasteful floor where prominent variation is expected.

No. 2 Common Oak

Contains sound natural and manufacturing variations including knot holes, open worm holes, and other open characters along with prominent color variations. Manufacturing variations include drying characters and machining irregularities. No. 2 Common is most desirable for applications where numerous notable character marks and prominent color contrast is desired.

Southern Yellow Pine

Yellow Pine isn’t one species of tree, but a group of pines native to the Southeastern US. Yellow Pines include the Loblolly, Longleaf, Shortleaf, and Slash Pine. The plain sawn Yellow Pine represents the least expensive, yet most traditional flooring choices.

Heart Pine

A tree is composed of both heartwood and sapwood. Heart pine is the heartwood of the longleaf pine tree. Because of properties particular to this species of pine, Heart Pine is extremely hard, strong, and stable, making it an excellent wood for flooring. While there is no uniformity in how these terms are used, a good way to determine what type of pine flooring you are looking at is to determine its source. Newly harvested pine floors are most likely to be Yellow Pine, while pine floors recycled from turn-of-the-century mills or sourced from river bottoms are most likely to be Old Growth Heart Pine.


One of the hardest domestic wood species and is highly popular because of its natural color variation and unusual grain. Color ranges for hickory hardwood flooring can range from creamy white to medium brown (with even darker browns in some rustic grades).

Reclaimed Antique Heart Pine

Our Reclaimed Antique Heart Pine flooring is sourced from salvaged timbers and warehouse deck boards. The beams are milled down to 3/4″ thickness and tongue and grooved to provide a consistent yield.

Reclaimed Oak

A combination of white and red oak, Antique Oak flooring is characterized by original nail holes, sound cracks, checking, and wormholes. It presents a variety of rustic colorations and surfaces, with varying grain patterns and tight knot structure.